Foto's radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull

On Monday March 12, 2007 a long and thorough preparation the mast was erected on the LV Jenni Baynton (a.k.a. LV 8). Today most of the guy wires were put into place. The coming weeks will be used to increase tension as the guys will no doubt stretch. A the pictures proof, it looks immaculate. All of the crew were completely knackered from both physical strain and enormous stress. We were lucky to choose the two days with the best possible weather to do this.

The ship will be the 14th. One more reason why it HAD to happen when it did. We were rapidly running out of time at our present moorings. Thursday the dredgers will come in. We are moving back to our previous location.

The following 2 pictures were taken in April 2008, 8 miles out


Waddenzee trip Rob Olhof, voorjaar 2010

Norman B on tender arriving at Radio Seagull aboard the Jenni Baynton


Radio Waddenzee wordt bezocht door Rob Olthof en Graham Gill (2011)